About the High Street Bells Choir

High Street Bells Choir is a community of  singers, carers, family and volunteers who come together each week to experience the joy of singing and of community. Our choir aims to provide a place for people who would otherwise be unable to access a community choir. We provide a place for people to sing, to belong and to connect with each other and the wider community through music. 


Our members come from a diverse range of backgrounds including people with acquired brain injury, people with physical disability or mental illness, people from refugee and migrant backgrounds, people from Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander backgrounds and people with a history of substance abuse.

More about the Choir

The High Street Bells Choir was formed by local musician Jenny Taylor in 2010 specifically for people who have difficulty accessing other community choirs due to factors such as disability, injury or illness. The choir has grown each year and now has approximately 40 enthusiastic members, some of whom have severe disabilities. Many have a moderate to severe acquired brain injury from a motor vehicle accident or stroke. Other difficulties include speech, memory, cognition and mobility and up to a third of members are in wheelchairs.


Our management committee takes care of the ongoing business of the choir. Recently we have incorporated the choir and obtained status as a charity, which means that donations to the choir are tax deductible. Over the past few years we have secured grants from Darebin Council and the Bendigo Bank and this money has been used to employ a musical director and an administrator, both part time. 


We foster partnerships with local health and welfare agencies to support their clients to participate in the choir. Links have been established with Melbourne City Mission, Neami, Thornbury Women’s Neighbourhood House and Argos. Find out more about our sponsors here.