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Singing For Joy

After recieving the Leader Newspaper Community Grant at the end of 2012, the choir has been active this year recording 7 songs for its debut CD, Singing for Joy.


The CD features our theme song "High Street Bell Blues" and was contributed to by local songwriters Frank Jones, Greg Champion, Jenny Taylor, Alan Egan and Greg Spencer.


Singing for Joy was privately shared with family and friends on 22 November 2013, and will be launched to the public in October 2014.


Track listing


1. High Street Bell Blues (by High Street Bells Choir and Alana Egan)

2. Drift Away (by Wiliam Mentor) 

3. Saroj (traditional Nepalese song)

4. Bluebird's Song (by Jenny Taylor)

5. Look After Your Planet (by Greg Champion)

6. Build A Bridge (by Frank Jones)

7. Sing Us A Song (by Greg Spencer)


Listen to 'High Street Bell Blues'

Listen to 'Bluebird'

Listen to 'Drift Away'

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