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Choir Members

 Approximately 40 of our members rehearse together each week as part of the High Street Bells Choir. 


The criteria for joining the Choir is that it would be difficult for the member to access a mainstream community choir due to disability or illness. 


The Choir works at a pace that accommodates people's needswhilst gently pushing for everyone to do their best.


There is considerable talent amongst the group. 

To find out more or to join the Choir please email:


Member Profiles

Scott is 53 and hesitant in his speech, but his voice has a clarity about it that gives him the confidence to sing with the High Street Bells. Scott isn’t musical by nature or by design but he loves to join with others, who, like himself, have had no musical training. Singing with such a group allows him to express himself in a way that wouldn’t normally occur in his daily life.


Letting his voice sing out with others brings joy to his heart. It makes him happy for the whole week until the next session. Scott says, 'If you can talk you can sing'.


He has been with the choir from the beginning, that's nine years. Under the tutelage of his adored mentor, Jenny, he says his voice has improved more and more.

Charlie and Bree


Charlotte (also called Charlie) and Bree started together at High Street Bells at the beginning of 2019. They never miss a week and sit together in the front row giving enthusiastic feedback. So we thought that we would interview them together.


What do you like about choir?

Bree – I like singing and people watching us when we perform.

Charlotte – It’s fun. I like all the different songs and also singing in front of people.


What music do you like when you aren’t at choir?

Bree – I like singing on my own at Church. I like listening to One Direction.

Charlotte – I like listening to Justin Beiber and the Spice Girls.


What other interests do you have?

Bree – I belong to the Salvation Army. I love playing with children, and watching Home and Away on TV. I barrack for Carlton.

Charlotte – I like Home and Away too. I love the Richmond Tigers and sometimes go with a family friend (note the scarf in the photo!). I love walking past all the shops.


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