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Management Committee
The High Street Bells Choir is run by a voluntary management committee with a range of skills, experiences and passion for the Choir program.

Dr Julie Contole (President)


Julie is now retired but has a background in psychology and experience working with people with acquired brain injury and their carers.This led her to begin volunteering in late 2010 after she was inspired by a Choir performance. Julie has continued to be inspired by the Choir – enjoying being part of this supportive community and even becoming a more confident singer. 


Katherine Wositzky (Vice president)

Katherine believes strongly that music makes for a better world. She feels privileged to be part of the Choir as she gets to see the rich experiences that music brings to participants and audiences alike. As a social research consultant for over 25 years, Katherine enjoys working on the Committee of Management and contributing towards building the Choir's capacity to grow and thrive.


Robyn (Treasurer)

Robyn has been on many committees in her life, and has developed many skills including an understanding of finances, which is very important for a treasurer! Robyn has a love of music - playing, singing, listening - and loves being part of a choir where these can all be experienced. For nearly 60 years she has spent lots of time learning from people with disabilities in Australia and the Pacific Islands   - as part of work, play and through friendship. High Street Bells is a perfect way to spend time after retirement from paid work.

Judy Rassaby (Secretary)

Judy was drawn to getting involved with the High Street Bells Choir because she sees the value and power of music and singing to bring joy to people in many different settings.

Judy's background is in psychology and her working life centred around public education and family support. From many years of working with families with children with disabilities and serious illness Judy knows that music is often an important source of comfort and healing. 

Judy enjoys participating in choirs and music groups for relaxation and the fun of making music with other people.

Lynne Bonney (Volunteer representative )

Information coming soon ...

Scott Macfie (Committee Member)

Scott has been part of the Choir almost since the beginning. Scott is an enthusiastic member of the choir, is on the committee and is one of the unofficial spokespersons for the High Street Bells.

Irene Madio ( Committee Member)

Information coming soon ...

Tanya  Pascoe (Committee Member)

Information coming soon ...






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