Management Committee
High Street Bells Choir is run by the following management committee as ratified at our AGM on 5 June 2017.


President: Dr Julie Contole

Vice President: Katherine Wositzky

Treasurer: Lynette Harper

Secretary: Judy Rassaby

General committee members: Jan Clare, David Joy, Thomas Russell, Scott Macfie, Ethel Fredricks




About our Committee

Without the hard work of our Management Committee, the High Street Bells Choir would not be possible. Many thanks for your tireless hours.



Dr Julie Contole (President)


Dr Julie Contole began volunteering with the choir in late 2010. Her background is in psychology and for the past 25 years her work has primarily been with project evaluations and various writing tasks. She has written several publications about topics such as acquired brain injury and issues facing carers of people living with mental illness. Since first seeing the choir perform, she has found it incredibly inspiring, and has benefit personally from her involvement. "The choir has also helped make me a more confident singer, for which I am very grateful."


Katherine Wositzky (Vice president)

Katherine believes strongly that music makes for a better world. She feels privileged to be part of the Choir as she gets to see the rich experiences that music brings to participants and audiences alike. As a social research consultant for over 25 years, Katherine enjoys working on the Committee of Management and contributing towards building the Choir's capacity to grow and thrive.


Lynette Harper (Treasurer)

Lyn (Nettie) has worked as a teacher and an accountant for many years, both in Melbourne and overseas, and has always enjoyed music.  Her finance work has been mostly working in not-for-profit organisations.  Lyn has been the High Street Bells treasurer for 3 years. 
“This is great opportunity to combine a skill and a passion and meet wonderful people!  The week always starts well after choir.”

Judy Rassaby (Secretary)

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Jan Clare (Committee Member)


I have been a volunteer with the choir since 2016. I am a retired medical administarator and have always enjoyed music, although I have never learned to play an instrument or sing. I was fortunate to meet the choir administrator socially and she invited me to come and see for myself and become a volunteer. I get great pleasure for myself at rehearsal but also see the enjoyment it gives to the singers and their carers and what an important part of their lives it is.

David Joy (Committee Member)

My sister got me into the High Street Bells Choir and I really love it. It is a great way to start the week. This may sound unlikely, but each week is better than the last. As performers we learn new songs from our musical director. I never get bored, I am friends with everyone, our concerts are fantastic and our audiences appreciate us.

Thomas Russell (Committee Member)

I started life on a farm in a little country town called Glen Waverley. Out of school I became a clerk for a flour mill in Kensington. I qualified as an accountant auditor for a music retailer. I became a support worker for people with acquired brain injuries which is how I JOINED HSBC.

I am a father of five children and grandfather to four.

Scott Macfie (Committee Member)

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Ethel Fredricks (Committee Member)

I was lecturing in Business Management in Malaysia before coming to Australia in 1990.  I am a new volunteer with the music group.  However, I’m not new to volunteering.  I helped out at the Citizen’s Advice Bureau at Boxhill for 3 years and at Manningham U3A where I have been teaching Ballroom dancing for more the 20 years.


I believe singing and dancing complement each other to uplift our spirits.