Our Supporters. Thankyou.

The High Street Bells Choir initially started without funding. We took a 'build it and they will come' approach. The Choir operated wholly as a voluntary organisation until it received welcome funding from Darebin Council, a number of individual philanthropists and a significant contribution from the Clifton Hill/North Fitzroy branch of the Bendigo Bank.


This funding has been essential to the continued running of the High Street Bells choir, and has allowed us to employ an admin assistant to develop  procedures for rehearsal and events. 


The Choir could not continue without the generous support of its sponsors. To make a tax-deductible donation to the Choir, visit our donations page.

City of Darebin Council

Darebin Council has supported the Choir from day one. Since our first meeting in March 2010, the council has supported the Choir with community development grants and inclusion at local events. The staff have continually shown sensitivity, enthusiasm and committment to our Choir community. 


We feel very lucky to be part of the City of Darebin, and very lucky to have such great council staff and councillors to represent and support us. 

Bendigo Community Bank

We are extremely grateful to the Clifton Hill/North Fitzroy branch of Bendigo Community Bank. They first sponsored the choir in 2011, which allowed us to create a safety procedures manual which has been central to helping volunteers provide support to choir members at rehearsal and events.


Bendigo Bank has continued to sponsor us through 2015, enabling us to employ an administrator to help with the running of the choir..

Leader Local Grants

In late 2012, the High Street Bells Choir was voted winner of the Leader Newspaper Local Grants for Northcote.


This grant spearheaded the creation of our first CD, Singing For Joy. The CD was launched to family and friends in November 2013, and will be launched to the public in March 2014.

Northcote Uniting Church

High Street Bells Choir is non-denominational and our members come from across all faiths.


The Northcote Uniting Church has warmly accepted and supported us since the Choir's inception. Rehearsals are held weekly at the Church, and they kindly auspiced our funding untill we gained Incorporation status in April 2013.


Since the choir's beginnings we have had approximately 150 rehearsals and a number of events at Chalice.