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Our Supporters 

The High Street Bells Choir initially started without funding. We took a 'build it and they will come' approach. The Choir operated wholly as a voluntary organisation until it received welcome funding from Darebin Council, a number of individual philanthropists and a significant contribution from the Clifton Hill/North Fitzroy branch of the Bendigo Bank.


Funding is essential to the continued running of the Choir, and allows us to employ an Admin Assistant to develop procedures for rehearsal and events and a Musical Director to lead the Choir.


The Choir could not continue without the generous support of its sponsors. Thank you.

To make a tax-deductible donation to the Choir please visit our donations page.

City of Darebin Council

Darebin Council has supported the Choir from day one. Since our first meeting in March 2010, the council has supported the Choir with community development grants and inclusion at local events. The staff have continually shown sensitivity, enthusiasm and commitment to our Choir community. 


We feel very lucky to be part of the City of Darebin, and very lucky to have such great council staff and councillors to represent and support us. 

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Community Bank Clifton Hill North Fitzroy

The Choir is very fortunate to have support and interest over many years from the Community Bank Clifton Hill / North Fitzroy. Support has included funds for equipment, partnership projects, choir promotion and many special projects which have enabled the Choir to continue to develop and grow.

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Brunswick Tullarmarine Rotary Club

The Choir is very fortunate to have support and interest from the Brunswick Tullarmarine Rotary Club. The Club and the Choir are working together to progress the development of more sustainable funding for the Choir. 

Other supporters over the years include:

DHHS Disability Self-Help Grant

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